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Living Systems

Living systems are all about interconnection. By nurturing an increasingly complex web of interconnections your garden, block of land, or community project has the potential to become abundant, resilient, and regenerative.

Thirty years of experience in Landscape Design has been valuable preparation for the next phase in my career. Since closing my Landscape Design business in March 2015, I have searched for a new regenerative way of both living and working. 

Following completion of a Permaculture Design Certificate in 2012, I have retrained as a Permaculture Designer and more recently as a Regenerative Practitioner.

I now consult on any scale project from small courtyards or urban backyards, home orchards, lifestyle blocks, large-scale Food Forests to working alongside larger groups focused on realising their community's goals and aspirations . 

I guide my clients through a "living design process" that honours both the past and the future but is rooted in the present. This is done collaboratively, over time, in a fully engaging process focused on “living the design”.


Trish Waugh 

Permaculture Designer

Learn more about the permaculture design services I offer here >>


Trish Waugh permaculture designer

" Design is an elusive and enigmatic alchemy. Yet the magic of design lives, not in any design technique we might learn and use, but inside each one of us. The techniques serve only to connect each of us to our own living creative process"

Jacke & Toensmeier, Edible Forest Gardens

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