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Organic Carrots

Healthy soil - Healthy plants -  Healthy people

 Do you want to create an abundant, vital and vibrant lifestyle for yourself, your family and your community?

Do you want to optimise delicious home-grown food production on your land with minimal reliance on imported fertilisers, sprays, mulches and seeds? 

I offer a free, informal 1-hour initial permaculture design consultation
at Taraariki Creative Trust near Paeroa, to share my beliefs and
discuss how we might work together.

You bring the biscuits!

I will then visit your property or project, discuss your needs and prepare an offer of service. This may involve a series of conversations to establish a framework for your project.

I work in a 150km radius from Paeroa, including Waikato, Raglan, Bay of Plenty, Hauraki and Coromandel.

The next step in the process reveals your Statement of Purpose, which guides the design. This is an over-arching truth that is respectful and clarifies your relationship with your land.

This is followed by a broad overview of the greater landscape. We gather together an understanding of watersheds, wind patterns, rainfall, soil type, along with its cultural history, and its relationship with the community it sits within.

The potential of your land or project is uncovered in a series of stages, by getting to know each other and feeling into the genuine, unique character of your landscape.

We can prepare detailed plans or work verbally and on the ground – either way, each phase of the design unfolds gradually and naturally. Once the best next step becomes clear, we take that step and see how it works in context with your land and your Statement of Purpose.

This is an iterative process that evolves creatively over time, unique to each situation, the resulting Living System that emerges is a true reflection of the alchemy between you, your land and your designer.

Trish Waugh
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