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People Care, Earth Care, Fair Share.

While we have been frantically furthering ourselves and providing for our
families and communities, the natural world around us has continued to ebb and flow but at the expense of the carbon reserves held within this matrix. A warming atmosphere caused by vastly increased carbon emissions from our highly industrialised world, now means we are facing the unknown effects of climate change and sea level rise.

I believe "to be the change we wish for the world" is an all-powerful way for each of us to make a difference. 
Many of us have lost sight of our essential needs for good health and well-being and cluttered our lives with day to day busy-ness. Tending the garden has become just another job.


However, in this age of food sovereignty and reclaiming our power to choose healthy food for our families and communities, our garden can become a lifeline and a conduit to reconnect with our essence. This transformation is urgently needed, not only in an everyday way, but also on a much deeper level of spirit. Spirit has many meanings: nature, life force, essence, attitude, feeling.

We urgently need to reconnect with the life force that nurtures and provides for us, to humble ourselves and seek guidance from the natural world.

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"Let food be thy medicine

and medicine be thy food" 

  Hippocrates, 440 BC

Healthy soil → Healthy plants → Healthy beings

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